First is DoubleTwist. This handy app is the best in its class for Android phones. This application is an all in one and has music, radio and even video features. This application is free and can be great when you manage music on your mobile device. The great thing about this app is that it will also allow you to access many different podcasts.

Next is the music sharing app, Soundcloud. This app also gives you access to the Soundcloud site which also lets you browse and upload music. What Soundcloud does is it allows users to upload and share their music with others and it also lets users comment on each other music. This site definitely has a lot of new and interesting music by a lot of different and unknown artists. Soundcloud also has a different other feature. It has a record function for amazingly easy file sharing that just kills the rest of the competition. This simple feature has a lot of uses, whether you just want to record a beat, lyric and save it until you can develop it later on.

The third top music app is Pandora. Pandora is a free and is a radio station app made by you. You can just put in your choice of song or artist and Pandora will play the music. Pandora will also give you more suggestions similar to your choice in artist or song which is a great way to discover new music. You, in turn, can give feedback whether you like or dislike the song suggested. It's practically your own customized radio station. With all the music in Pandora, Motorola Bionic accessories like the Music Hands Free Car Kit or a bigger Motorola Bionic Battery definitely come in handy.

Sometimes you hear a song but do not know the artist or even the title of the song; this next application is designed to help you find out that information. For all those forgetful people, there's Shazam. The only thing that needs to be done is to let Shazam hear the song and it will tell you the information. There are also certain features of this program that will allow you to immediately download the song.

The last music app we've chosen is TuneWiki Social Media Player. This player plays music and displays the lyrics while you listen to the song, watch music videos and stream songs through SHOUTcast. TuneWiki also has other features including over 40 languages and the ability to be integrated with Facebook and Twitter. With all these music apps, you'll never put your Bionic in its Motorola Bionic case.